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Gunite Pool Service and Repair in Lincoln MA

Creative Edge Pools and Spa is a gunite swimming pool and spa installation company that also provides pool service and repair to pool owners in Lincoln MA.


If you live in Lincoln MA and you are looking for a swimming pool contractor that you can develop a long term service relationship with, then Creative Edge Pools is the company for you. Not only do we create outdoor environments that you and your family will enjoy for a long time, we provide ongoing gunite swimming pool service and repairs for our Lincoln MA customers.

We are a full service company that can satisfy all your needs including maintenance, supplies, big and small repairs, remodels, upgrades, and new gunite pool installations.

Creative Edge Pools & Spa is a family owned and operated business located in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Full Pool Opening Services in Lincoln MA

Creative Edge Pools and Spa provides Lincoln MA customers with full swimming pool opening services that include:

  • Removing, cleaning inspecting, and folding of safety cover
  • Inspecting and reassembling pool equipment
  • Priming lines and getting system running
  • Testing the firing heater. We do not leave heaters running and recommend
    that you do not run it until the water is balanced and clear
  • Checking controller/time clock configurations
  • Brushing the pool
  • Removing all large debris from pool
  • Testing and balancing of the water
  • Identify any additional issues encountered 
  • We also have a Partial Pool Opening Service that is similar to our full pool opening services except it excludes removing, cleaning and folding your safety covers.

Weekly or Bi-weekly Pool Service in Lincoln, MA

Let Creative Edge Pools service your pool throughout the summer season. We offer our Lincoln, MA customers a weekly or bi-weekly pool service that includes:

  • cleaning skimmer and pump baskets
  • backwash or cleaning of cartridges
  • vacuum pool
  • brush pool
  • clean salt cell
  • check and fill chlorinator/brominator
  • test all components of the pool for functionality (lights, spa blower, heater,
    additional pumps, etc.) and test and balance water chemistry.

Pool Closing Service in Lincoln, MA

Schedule your Lincoln, MA pool closing with Creative Edge Pools and we will confidently prepare your pool for winter. Our Lincoln, MA pool closings include:

  • Blowing out the water that is in the skimmer and pool return lines
    and sealing those lines with winter plugs
  • Winterizing the main drain and any floor returns or cleaning systems
  • Draining  all equipment
  • Removing, cleaning, and inspecting  filter elements
  • Shutting off all the circuit breakers to equipment
  • We do not lower the water level, this needs to be done beforehand
  • Installing safety cover
  • Partial Pool Closing Services are similar to our full pool closing services.
    With partial pool closings we do not lower water level or install safety cover.

Swimming Pool Acid Washing

When acid washing is needed on your pool we will pump down the pool and use a muriatic acid solution over the whole pool surface. This will remove the stains caused by leaves, metals and other debris that may have fallen into the pool.


Pool Pressure Testing Lincoln, MA

We plug all the plumbing lines in the pool and pressure test each line to see if there is a leak in the plumbing system. After pressure testing, we are able to isolate any leaks and repair or replace the line(s).


Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades

We install all equipment upgrades from filter system installation and repair, filter, pumps, heaters, heat pumps, automatic pool cleaning systems, and salt conversion.


Meyco Safety Covers

Here at Creative Edge Pools we use only the best materials and our safety covers are no exception. Meyco pool covers are made of the finest materials available, the best polypropylene fabric, the strongest thread and the most durable hardware. Each pool cover is designed with deep channeled abrasion strips for cover wear protection. They offer custom shapes, standard shapes, a variety of colors, and offer a 12 year warranty. We measure and install each cover to fit your pool.


To check out our latest specials, just give the office a call. We offer service and chemical packages to save you money!


Zodiac and Hayward Warranty Center

We are a certified Zodiac and Hayward Warranty Center with the ability to repair all products listed below:



  • Cleaners
  • Suction Cleaners
  • Pressure Cleaners
  • Robotic Cleaners
  • Disc Cleaners              
  • Controls
  • Electronic Chlorinators
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Heat Pumps
  • Lighting
  • Pumps


If you live in Lincoln, MA and would like to learn more about our gunite swimming pool services, please contact our office today. You can call us at 978-203-0406 or click here to fill out our online contact form.

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